Nobel Prize in Science

Title: The reasons that mainland China has not get won a Nobel Prize for Science, Engineering, Medicine or Technology

After Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in literature a few days earlier, many people could put a question: why has there been no mainland Chinese won a Nobel Prize in Science? Most people may focus reasons on Chinese individual qualities, such as innovation, intelligence, and diligence. However, in my mind, there are also some objective reasons, such as historical and culture problems.

First, language barrier and culture barrier. The language barrier hinders the Chinese academic interaction with the world. And the Confucianism has exert the great impact on the thinking and behavior of the Chinese peole.

Second, the Chinese contemporary history. We known that the Nobel Prize was established in 1901. In the meantime, the eight power allied forces invaded China. And then, all kinds of wars lasted till 1949.

Third, the Great Culture Revolution. A survey on the American Nobel Prize winners shows that the prize winning is closely related to the continuity of several generations. However, the Great Culture Revolution nearly destroyed the most Chinese academic circle of forefathers. So we need time to repair our academic environment.

Even so, in my view, it won’t take long time before mainland Chinese win a Nobel Prize in Science. Several signs can support my statement. First, the financial support for Chinese education has increased. Second, the number of paper published by Chinese on the top journals, such as Science and Nature, is on the rise.

So, I think, mainland Chinese scientist can overcome the objective barriers mentioned above and win the Nobel Pride in Science.


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